Once upon a time ...

The Gio.Fran.Baby was founded in 2001 by the evolution of a company founded in 1990 with the idea of John Catapano that strong of a family tradition in the field of clothing and textiles child decides to create a Son Joseph Vesuvius a distribution of clothing and accessories for children and infants, thus fulfilling all the age group between 0 and 16 years old.

Immediately tries to distinguish his company in the market by focusing heavily on research and the product, and strengthening an industry that until then was anchored underused, namely that of the ready to wear and baby girl.

Over the years this Aziendo his choices have led to a strong and fast growing dumb to change seat until he invested in some Locoli to Cis di Nola. The last change of venue have made possible a structure that has very dell'Aziendo divided the distribution, which now covers the whole I'Italia and several European and non-European, and the production for its own brands.

We are

The brand identity Fun & Fun is developed with the insights of John Catopono, mind and body dell'aziendo, strong knowledge of the market and the final consumer.

The Fun & Fun, right from the start immediately shows its own personality, and it is for this reason that in a few seasons mounts the desire to look out of the limelight of the market with more and more collections built and complete.

The transition from the collections of ready to wear to those of seasonal and programmed a critical step for the growth of the brand and participation at Pitti Bimbo in Florence, Fun & Fun consecrates to the general public thanks to the success of presence and visibility.

The collection, already present at the start in a large hog customers in central and southern Italian, expresses the strong influences of the territory and its customers, but the challenge with the markets of northern Italy and abroad proves to successfully draw comparisons with international competitors and able to fight with pride in the most ambitious challenges.

The Aziendo perfected the product, in terms of style and quolità with a fAntostico-price ratio product offacciondosi the large audience with the look of the veteran. Giovonni Catapano, indomitable in his most difficult paths of life and lovoro, I can deal with any eaves or coparbietà and today the results speak for themselves.

The Company is enriched with new manager John Catapano who help in the realization of a product structure and distribution that allows him to think big ... what he has done from the beginning.

Lays the foundations by improving the efficiency of the structure, to develop new markets and especially being present in the most important agencies of northern Italy and serving the finest specialty boutiques. Meanwhile in Central and Southern numbers have become increasingly important and with some of the best customer relationships have been built partnerships carrying out projects for the corner and setting the conditions for the opening single-brand franchise.

Currently, the Fun & Fun is present in Itolia with more than 500 customers in Spain, in England, in the Arab countries, in Morocco, Kuwait, and Dubai, Switzerland, Ireland, Luxembourg and quolità of the protagonist in Russia, Ukraine, Holland and Belgium.

You are putting point or development projects in South America with the first point of sale or Lima (Peru), which in the future could allow us to expand into other Latin American countries.

The vision of the founder of Gio.Fran. Baby I allowed the creation of a joint venture in China for the control of production and the development of a retail brand Fun & Fun project which currently has 16 stores.

Brand philosophy

Fun & Fun expresses joy and fun and features an elegant and carefree. Fun & Fun is composed of three different collections: Infant, Baby, Girls and Boys. The brand identity and style can be read easily in all products of the three collections that span the three age groups respecting the image and use functions.

The strength of the style Fun & Fun is the attention to detail and the refined precious accessory. Another important feature is the use of color that reflects the radiance of the people of this land. The graphics are fun and delicate in baby and newborn fresh and aggressive in the Girls collection, urban trendy and bold for the Boys. The girl Fun & Fun dresses feminine trend with the sweetness of a young woman was never exceeded in awkward expressions, the boy at the same time, thanks to the contemporary style dedicated to him, takes a look outrageous but at the same time ironic.

The brand identity with the looks she breathes style Fun & Fun offers at the same time giving the possibility to aggregate in a thousand other ways the individual garments look designed by the most demanding customer.

In the early years the identity and brand personality are enhanced features of the product and its style; currently, with the implementation of major communications initiatives, has created a strong impact in the final consumer and the recognition typical of established brands . The loyalty of the customer and young people closest to her is the consequence more natural.

What's behind

John Catapano, who besides being the owner and the owner of Gio.Fran. Baby it is also its Art Director (liability that hardly leave in the hands of others), has created around itself a structure over time more and more organized. Designers, graphic designers, pattern makers, dressmakers and product managers work with him, coaudiuvati the best equipment, in the realization of demanding collections Fun & Fun.

The structure implements, in collaboration with other external experts, the first prototypes of the collections chel are then sent to the various suppliers around the world, in order to obtain a coherent picture for, technique and timing. Involved in the supply chain are hundreds of people that have the sole task of trying to do the best we can in a short time, leaving the task to the internal structure of the control and the sdifettamento.

The production platform, after the creative phase of prototyping, developing duplication useful to the sale and subsequently the production of items sold. The creative structure run by John Catapano is also responsible for the image of the catalogs, advertising campaigns and staging of the exhibition spaces.

Fairs and Distribution

In addition to the presence on the national and international territories at the best distribution structures, collections Fun & Fun leverage the investment the Gio.Fran. Baby dedication at trade fairs in the sector.

In addition to participation in the Pitti Immagine Bimbo in Florence, which takes place twice a year in connection with the presentation of the collections, Fun & Fun and present other important international fairs. The first in order of time in the calendar of events and the most important fair which takes place in Northern Europe and exactly Kleine Fabric in Amsterdam, in January and in July. Also in January, the Bubble in London, we are leaders with a booth attractive and strategically placed.

Another important participation and that the CPM Moscow, essential showcase for all the international brands that want to deal with one of the four emerging markets of the world scenario along with Brazil, China and India. The fair of Kiev in Ukraine sees us come up with a dedicated sales structure. At Chic Beijing, which takes place once a year and exactly in March, the Fun & Fun and present with its own stand to formalize a precise willingness to be a player in this difficult and treacherous market.

The itinerary exhibition will be enriched with other important milestones in the near future, Germany and the likely return to Spain.

Around the World

In 2010, John Catapano a company based in China Wenzhou GioFranBaby Trade LTD with the clear intention of protecting its productions, making use of the valuable partnership of two Chinese partners. The aim was to develop a project Fun Fun & Retail in a booming country, which proved to appreciate the taste and image of Italian fashion and in this case the products Fun & Fun. Initially born a few shops with the image that is currently still distinguishes that of our showrooms and our stand and arrive shortly to be 17, which are located in major cities of China, namely: two to Shanghai, three in Beijing, two Ningbo, one in Wenzhou, one in Longyan, one in Ruian. The road of the development of the project involves in this last year a key meeting between John Catapano, its members and an important Chinese company owns 500 single-brand stores RYB. The RYB intends to license the brand Fun & Fun for Asian countries and deal with the development of the distribution and retails ensuring the opening of 400 sales points throughout China over the next three years. The goodness of that promise is confirmed by the fact that the RYB in the meantime and was listed on the Chinese stock market and serves as a plus its investors that project. In addition to being a great honor perspective to suggest that part of the proceeds of this important initiative will allow John Catapano a faster and more stable growth in the development plan and the execution of an important structural program business.